Areas of application

The devices of the type BKW and bps containing the recording of measurement and the control. A SPS is not needed with the employment of these devices in many cases.

 Pressure transducer 

Typ Measuring range Measuring method Accuracy Remarks Download
BDS1 0,6 - 1000bar piezo 0,5% Insertion strength for process controlling, hydraulics, pneumatics, inspection technique, industry robots Prospect (German)
BDS10 4 - 20 mA piezo 0,5% Pressure measurement in different media under use of a high-grade steel diaphragm with piezoresistiv bridge connection. Prospect (German)
BDT1 1 - 500mbar piezo +- 1% Monitoring of blowers, filters, pressure chambers, pure dreams, air flows and level Prospect (German)
BDT2 10mbar, 100mbar piezo +- 1% FS Bursting pressure 2 x measuring range, 0 - 10V or 4 - 20mA Prospect (German)

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